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By: Ronyai Hawkins

Urban League of Greater Atlanta


The 1oth Annual Spirit of the League Awards Luncheon Event was unquestionably empowering, motivational & rich to the soul! ~ Xolah Gebor

The Atlanta Urban League rebuilds, improves & saves lives in the community. Their mission to service and strengthen the Atlanta area has improved the lives of many. The Atlanta Urban League provides Home buyer workshops, Financial Freedom webinars, transportation to health appointments, provide community resources & more.

Their 10th Annual Spirit of the League Champion Award Recipients were Pinky Cole & Derrick Hayes. Both Cole & Hayes are restaurateurs in the Atlanta area. Cole has expanded opening multiple locations (locally & outside Atlanta).  They continuously discussed immeasurable “jems” of knowledge giving "fruit to the spirit".  Cole and Hayes are doing amazing in their careers, making vast efforts to give back and speak life into the Atlanta people. Their work is very inspirational and meaningful. They provide more than a product, they give a long lasting experience. 

Cole & Hayes has made an immense impact in the lives of others. Their humble beginnings & will to use failure as a driving force has been part of their journey. They’ve considered the needs in the black community and wanted to be part of the change needed. Cole wanted the futures of the Clark Atlanta University graduating students of 2022 to be more secure. She gave LLc to “EVERY” graduating student from Clark Atlanta University after partnering with Varo Bank. Both Cole & Hayes also believed that black males in under-served communities needed to protect their lives with life insurance. Thousands of men are now covered to protect themselves and their families.


Their standard of giving is bigger than a financial donation, it brings multiplication in families which is monumental.

The proverb ‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’

Mental Health Matters

No Longer Bound


Do not allow your past to rob you of your power. Do not allow your past to hold you hostage and in chains like a slave with no sight of freedom. Do not allow your past to steal your voice and darken your soul while there is no light nor joy to brighten your days. I have witnessed many people over the years sitting on the sideline of life. Waving at every opportunity to grow and excel to new heights as it passes by them. All because they allowed their past to get in between them and their future. I can admit that I was a victim of my past for several years but the real question is….can you?

Many don't realize that there are mental, emotional, and spiritual doors still open within the depths of their being because of the ghost of their troubled past. In order for one to transform from victim to victor he or she must acknowledge the 800 pound pink elephant in the room. Begin to make peace with your past through the art of acknowledgement and forgiveness. Take a look in the mirror and say, "I forgive you. It's not your fault." I can attest there were trials filled with trauma beyond my control. I discovered this root in a revelation during my own healing journey.

Also, I encourage all brave souls to write letters to your offenders, dead or alive. Forgive them and move forward. There is power within the pen. After you have written the letter, make a copy and burn them. Release yourself from this generational curse. You are no longer bound to guilt and shame. Martin Luther King said it best, "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." I say to you time to get free ...take the first step!!

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