What made you choose to start a company in this industry?
I chose this industry because everyone likes to smell good.  People love affordable, quality products that make them feel good and smell good.  The Health and Beauty industry is a $511 billion dollar industry and continues to grow.  Many people prefer handmade items and shopping with small businesses.  I felt this was the best industry for me to tap in to.

What was your mission at the start of your company?

My mission was to provide a quality product at a price that is affordable.  I want my customers to feel as good on the outside as they do on the inside.  When you smell good and your skin feels good, you are more confident.  Everyone doesn't have a lot of money to spend on pampering themselves.  My goal is to make sure that I offer the best products for the best price.

Why did you decide to become a business owner?

I became a business owner to supplement my income and prepare for retirement.  I have worked so many dead end jobs that didn't pay much and didn't have great benefits.  I knew I needed to do something to make sure I can support myself.  Choosing the road to entrepreneurship seemed to be the best route for me to go.  

How did you choose your company name?

My company is named after my best friend.  I used her name because it's unique just like my business.  She was named after a town in southern Egypt.  This isn't a name you hear everyday and I wanted the name of my business to stand out.  My logo is actually a caricature of her mother.

Where do you see your company in the next 5yrs?

In the next 5 years, I plan to grow my online presence.  I'd like for my brand to grow and become a household name.  

What sets your company apart from others?

Quality products and outstanding customer service.  Providing great customer service is essential for any business.  You have to treat your customers with value and respect.  They are your business.  Without customers, I wouldn't be here.  Providing a great product is just as essential as great customer service.  No one wants a substandard average product that is just ok.  Your customer wants to be wowed and that is what I strive to do.  

How does your product impact the health of your customers?

Using soap to clean your skin has numerous benefits including softening and soothes skin.  My soap doesn't strip away your skin's natural nutrients and oils.  Some of my soaps give the appearance of younger, healthier-looking skin, as well as reduce symptoms of skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.  Using body creams strengthens and tightens the skin’s protective outer layer to lock in moisture and protect against irritants. No matter what your skin type, the beneficial ingredients in body creams leave it soft and supple. Indeed, body creams enriched with Shea butter is what makes your body product  so incredibly nourishing and hydrating for your skin. Also helps to boost and brightening your skin.  My Sapo sponge cleanses the skin effortlessly, leaving it fresh and smooth. Due to its long and flexible nature, it’s able to clean hard to reach areas. It is porous and dries quickly. These factors in addition to its long lasting nature, makes it great value for money.


Interviewed by: Xolah Gebor

Natasha Johnson
Natasha Johnson, who resides in Dayton Ohio felt a strong need to let her community know  " I'm Still Here", despite the major setbacks and struggles from the pandemic small businesses have endured.

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