Do MORE of what YOU LOVE!

In today's world we can get distracted or consumed with many things (social media, technology, news or negative things) but understanding:

1. Who YOU are (ask yourself & write affirmations).

2. What YOU like/LOVE (write it down).

3. The things that are important to your life (list them in order).

4. What personal GOALS you'd like to accomplish (create a vision board)

5. The power of being alone and reflecting with yourself (decompress your mind & spirit, releasing weights)

6. Make time for good company! Positive friends & family is VERY important to your mind, body & spirit. 

7. What skills you are you interested in enhancing? Learn something NEW, you might discover a new talent. 

Xolah Gebor


Self Care 

Never underestimate the healing time your body needs. Self care is often time neglected for many reasons and your body suffers for it, one way or another. 

Recognize when you've had enough (work, stress, time away from friends or family) and add more time for what you love back into your life. 


Xolah Gebor

One Saturday night in August of 2017 I found myself on the West Coast for the first time. I was there for business in San Diego and then caught a ride to see family and friends in L.A. On this particular night I met up with an ol' friend of mine at this smoothie shop in Sherman Oaks that makes some amazing Acai Bowls. So, after we picked up our orders, we went outside to find a little spot to sit and talk. I begin to confide in her and share that my relationship with my father was on the rocks. I was harboring a lot of anger, resentment, fury, rage, and so much more. I felt like that tea pot on the stovetop. Either you remove it when the water starts to boil or it's going to whistle and let off steam. 


Oh sidebar….during that year I was just starting my healing journey. In pursuit of freeing myself from childhood trauma, toxic relationships in the form of family and friends, including going to my father. To address the times I was unprotected and left vulnerable from being verbally and emotionally attacked that he didn't come to my aid and help. My friend said one piece of advice that stood out to me that I will never forget. "You have to let it go. You can't keep holding on to anger." To be honest she was right. Even though I didn't want to hear those words at the moment, she had a very strong point. She wanted to pray for me and next thing you know I was balling my eyes out. Between the Acai Bowls, conversation, and prayer I felt a sense of peace come over me. It was very cathartic. Not only did I find my release, it brought me a revelation many years later. 


Every human being must realize in order for you to move forward in life you must let certain things, habits, vices, and other negative entanglements go. Peace and War can NOT live at the same residence. Love and Lust can NOT reside in the same space. Jealousy and Appreciation can NOT live in harmony. Even in scripture it tells you that blessings and cursings can not come from the same mouth…(James Ch.3 verse 10). Pay attention to the gardener….in order for certain crops to grow to their fullest potential the gardener must remove or prune weeds from their habitat every so often. 


Enclosing, what "weeds'' can you identify in your life that are holding you from achieving peace and progression? I encourage all of you to not only exercise the power of prayer, reachout for therapy, confide in a friend or counselor, write in your journal, etc. Don't sit in your trauma, get help today and walk in triumph. Time to pull out the scissors….




It's Pruning Season!!

By Ronyai Hawkins